Working in Romania – different country, different opportunities

Working in RomaniaWorking in Romania? Our weaknesses are better known that our strengths and not many people will motivate you to come to work and travel in Romania. This is because, in my opinion, they do not know how things have changed.

I’ll give you a few reasons to consider Romania as a country to work in, at least for 2-3 years period of time:

  • Exposing yourself to the Romanian different culture and business environment will help you strengthen your personal brand.
  • A job in Romania will give you the opportunity to meet new challenges, build, transform and improve.
  • Things are happening here.
  • The economy is growing, people are changing and new rules are applying.
  • You have a wide choice of recreational things to do: hiking in the Carpathians, party & tanning at the Red Sea, rafting on the Jiu River, exploring caves & castles & monasteries…

If you are at least curious to work and travel in Romania, here are a few sites that offer job opportunities in English:

  1. – Find the best job
  2. – No. 1 in online recruiting
  3. – Online graduate jobs fair open 365 days/year
  4. – The future in online recruiting!
  6. – Reach for your dream
  7. – Your big plus
  8. – Recruitment Agency

For a different point a view, check out

Let me know how your thoughts on this subject!

Care din urmatoarele obiective protejate de UNESCO in Romania ai vizitat? [Which of the following UNESCO Heritage Centers in Romania have you visited?]

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Cristian Antonescu


Merci, Cristian, pentru completare. Dupa cum ai observat, site-urile trecute de mine au varianta in limba engleza, ceea ce interesa pe cititori, intreg articolul fiind in limba engleza.
Site-urile trecute de tine nu au varianta in limba engleza de aceea nu sunt interesante pentru straini. Totusi, le las, nu se stie niciodata.