Thoughts on the David Letterman Late Show

Late show with David LettermanAXN Romania is presenting every Monday to Friday evening the Late show with David Letterman. The show starts at 8 PM, just in time to watch it during dinner time. Originally, the show is on in America at 11:30 PM ET, so it’s really a late show. In Romania, nobody would watch it so late because we have to be fresh for work the next morning. After watching the yesterday show, I decided to share with you my thoughts on this.

Last night’s show aired in Romania on Friday November 21st is a re-run from the original show aired in New York on Friday November 7th (episode 3013). So we watch it in Romania with 2 weeks delay. Although the news presented in the show is no longer news at the time I’m watching it, I don’t mind it and take the opportunity to compare their comments to what actually happens next or to see if their predictions are true.

Here are the headlines of the last night show:

David Letterman ⇒ I like him. Aged 61, he looks very good and alert. I like his reactions to his guests’ lines and the fact that he gives a nice rhythm to the show. I wish he wouldn’t present his book, Late Show Fun Facts by David Letterman and Late Show writers, in every show. It is so boring that you end up hating this book. He says over and over again that the book costs 20 $ in bookstores and quotes from it (sometimes) stupid sentences. I understand that he wants to sell his book, but enough is enough; anyway, only his viewers would buy his book and they know all his jokes from watching the show, right?

I have to say that I don’t like his nervous tic (licking his lips with the tongue) and that I am disappointed that he doesn’t care about our limited resources: the fun facts (about 30 of them) he reads on every show are written individually on color paper. Each fact is a sentence, so he waists 30 sheets of paper to read 30 sentences. Suggestion: write them all on 3-4 sheets of paper, on both sides; then put the paper in a recycle bin after reading, and you will give a good example to your viewers. I understand that the writing is in big font size, but still …

David LettermanThe Great Moments in Presidential Speeches are interesting until Mr. George Bush starts talking. The funniest thing from Top Ten Things George W. Bush Wants to Accomplish While Still in Office was no. 4: Put Chuck Norris on the nickel. Hilarious! :))

One suggestion though: the intro for the Top Ten Things … (with the manhole lids blowing off) is so old and un-chic. There must be a designer in the house with better tastes and skills than that. I understand the metaphor but the clip must be better than this. It’s CBS after all, right?

Paul Schaffer ⇒ aged 59; he conducts the CBS orchestra and makes short comments on Mr. Letterman’s jokes. He’s Canadian and looks a little scary with those sunglasses on all the time. I know nothing about him so I can not say that I like him or not.

Natalie Portman, the first guest ⇒ lovely, as always. In a weak moment she asked: “Why am I here?”, at which Mr. Letterman replied: “Because you are a wonderful human and a great American.”

Bill Scheft ⇒ being the writer for the show, he made a public announcement asking Mr. President Obama to make occasional mistakes so that he can have jokes material. Nice try! 8-}

Artie Lange, the second guest ⇒ he presented his book, “Too fat to fish”, launched on November 11th. Mr. Lange said that Mr. Obama “is for fairness and want everything to change”. I like that he pointed that out, maybe some of the Romanian viewers got an idea that will guide them through the November 30th elections. **==

Brad Paisley ⇒ he sang live “Let The Good Times Roll” from his new album “Play”, launched on November 4th. I never heard of him until yesterday and the first impression was a good one.

CONCLUSION: I enjoyed the show and I’m glad that someone at AXN thought of bringing it to Romania. I feel that I will watch it every night while having dinner. It definitely beats any Romanian entertainment show aired these days and it’s a good alternative to watching Seinfeld for the millionth time. Plus, it’s a good practice for my English, since I listen to it at high volume and avoid reading the translation.

Besides, I love the images of the New York City at the beginning of the show. I’ve never been to New York and I’d love to visit it for a week or two. If I’d have the chance, I get a ticket to this show and enjoy it live. :)=-

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