Things I wish I did this summer

  1. Things to do in the summerHave a picnic or barbecue every Sunday.
  2. Go to the beach every other weekend.
  3. Start to improve my home at the beginning of the summer, not at the end; thus avoiding to miss the Indian summer.
  4. Go to the drive-in-cinema with my husband and daughter.
  5. Buy more plants for my balcony.
  6. Wear more dresses.
  7. Buy 1-2 dresses to renew my wardrobe.
  8. Learn the habit of drinking more water.
  9. Go to concerts, festivals and other public events where I can take my kid with me.
  10. Go to the pool every other day (if there was one close to my home and at a fair price).
  11. Things to do in the summerDo something I never done before, like horse-back-riding.
  12. Read all the magazines I have on my nightstand.
  13. Make more time to play in the park with my daughter.
  14. Cook more soups for my family.
  15. Buy a new summer hat.
  16. Enjoy a happy hour every day.
  17. Dance more, at parties or at the club.
  18. Eat so much fruits that I could feel my stomach burst.
  19. Drink/make more lemonade and orangeade and milkshakes.
  20. Re-learn how to make ice-cream from scratch and/or delightful frozen yogurt.
  21. Start a jogging routine in the park nearby.

What do you have on your list? B-)

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