Things I love about the Mall

10 things I love about Mall

  1. In the summer it’s a good place to hang out when the weather is too hot.
  2. It has great decorations for every holiday or event.
  3. I like it best just before closing time, when the place is not so crowded.
  4. It has it’s own fashion magazine and it’s free.
  5. I can find there 7 Seri and 24 Fun which I read weekly.
  6. It hosts fashions shows, twice a year.
  7. People dress up and feel more relaxed.
  8. The closest Starbucks is at the Mall.
  9. It’s the best place to test an outfit or my new shoes.
  10. My little daughter loves to discover the place, every time we go there. I wish the playground would be less expensive.
  11. I can get there on foot.

Do you enjoy going to the Mall?

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