The old man and his umbrellas

Umbrella Philosophy{{ It´s important to carry a good umbrella. I always say, “Men who carry a high–quality umbrella will move up in life. Women who carry a high–quality umbrella will be showered in happiness.” It´s the truth. The umbrella above your head, the belt that goes around your middle, and the shoes you use to trod the earth, if those three things are of high quality, you can´t go wrong. The people I´ve met in my life, pretty much all the men are of good status, and the women are happy. It´s a funny thing, though, isn´t it? Umbrellas and life are connected. It´s really very deep. }}

These are the words of Mr. Kitazawa Yoshihiro –– an old umbrella craftsman from Nagano, Japan. It makes your heart skip a bit and wonder what on earth are you doing, right? These words make you think what you have done lately to improve the life of the people you interact with. Life, not business.

After all, I think that leading a simple life really un–clutters your point of view and purpose in life. It makes you appreciate the real value of thing around you and the value of the things that you build.

The moral: Put a little bit of soul in every piece of work you do and the world WILL become a better place. I believe it.

If you are interested, read the rest of the interview with Mr. Kitazawa Yoshihiro.

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