The New Sex and the City

The New Sex and the CityI’ve heard a rumor that said that there will be a new Sex and the City made this year and released in 2010. Not Clothes and the City, but sex. Because in 2009 is all about relationships and less about shopping. We don’t have much money left to spend on fashion anyway.

To support this idea, the creators of SATC decided to take a new approach:

  • The emphasis will be more on the accessories and less on the clothes.
  • They will make DVDs about the hair and make-up of the 4 girls. The videos will show how the hair and make-up were done and what products were used, along with the prices of those products. The message: you don’t need expensive beauty products to look fabulous.
  • The clothes for the 4 stars will be bought from collections available in apparel stores like H&M, C&A, Banana Republic etc. No more exclusive dresses and big labels, just clothes real life women can buy and wear. The message: you don’t need expensive clothes to look gorgeous and make traffic stop. |happy|
  • After the release of the movie, there will be available a catalog with all the clothing and accessories and make-up and hair products etc used in the making of the movie. This is a very big challenge, because they use professional beauty products to make-up actresses.  I wonder how they’ll pull this off. I can’t wait for the final results.
  • Le mot du jour will be courage; the courage to take bold decisions, to accessorize like you have a million bucks in your purse and to ask for what you want. Who needs more?

What do you say about all this?
I like beautiful people and things. That’s one of the reasons I go to the movies. But I appreciate real things more. Giving SATC a sense of real is great and will prove to women that you can feel and look gorgeous with apparel and beauty products that you buy from everyday convenience stores. Because beauty rocks!

If you don’t like it, don’t bother … it’s only a rumor.  :-]]

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