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Puma Cool TagLast year I’ve spotted a beautiful tag on a Lee Cooper T–shirt. The T–shirt was nice but the tag attached to it was even nicer; I wanted to buy the T-shirt because of the tag, but I do not year black …

The thought stuck with me though: why so few of the tags attached to clothing and shoes are beautiful. How come the big brains behind the products do not come up with interesting and gorgeous tags? How about cool or glamorous?

Tags should say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in December and Happy Easter in April – to mention only two holidays. Tags should be so beautiful that you want to keep them, collect them, share with friends, and hang them as ornaments in your house during holiday times (as long as the brand’s name is not too obvious).

I have a tag from an Only for You jacket – I used it to customize my rucksack.

I wonder why the tags are not used as a way to bond with your customers. In my opinion an apparel product should have, besides a price tag, another tag – beautifully designed – with the web address of the company (a must), a suggestion / picture on how to wear the product and other interesting information related to the product.

Like this Puma tag Mr. Seth Godin shared with us. I like it. That’s why I’ve chosen to help spread the word.

From my point of view, apparel and cosmetics (for start) tags should be seen as a new kind of business card: the type of information they contain is up to the business’s imagination and the customer will definitely take it home (being attached to the product). Maybe there should be a tag contest with customers voters only …

What do you think about this Puma tag? Do you collect tags and labels? Do you have any cool apparel tags? What do you do with tags and labels you like? What is the most beautiful or interesting apparel tag you have ever seen?


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