It´s time to share your Travel Notes about Romania!

Simply Surprising7.5 million tourists visited Romania in 2007, 27% more than 2006. Hotels and motels had been built, renovated and marketed. The offer is wide and unique: beaches, the Danube delta, mountains, and spa resorts – all four seasons have something interesting to offer.Almost everyone is making an effort to redefine the Romanian tourism and discover its strengths:
– the hosts are improving the quality of their services
– the authorities are branding the “fabulous spirit” of Romania
– the agencies are marketing their offers

I invite the foreign tourists to share their stories about visiting Romania on a news blog created especially for you: Create an account in seconds and start sharing pictures and comments about Romania. Here are a few hints:

– What part of the biodiversity caught your attention: the relief, the fauna or the flora?
– Which cultural event brought you to Romania or interested you?
– What do you think of the Romanian people you encountered?
– Did you enjoy hiking and discovering the nature around you?
– Which Romanian tradition caught you attention?
– How does the food you had in Romania differed from the one in your country?
– Which tourist destination from Romania would you recommend to your friends?

Share your travel notes, eve if you have a blog or profile in a travel community – we want to know about it and let others learn from your experiences.
travel in RomaniaBottom line: We want to know what the foreign tourists think about Romania. The simple truth, so we can learn from it.

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