How do you recycle your bottles?

How do you recycle your bottles? How do you recycle your bottles? If you are Romanian, I bet you don’t. If you are foreigner, I bet you have options. I’m a big fan of recycling. I’ll recycle everything I can and it hurts my heart when I throw away bottles and plastics. Just because I do not even have 1 option for recycling them. There are no services for the population to recycle their waste.
I do recycle paper and cardboard via Copacul de Hartie (the Paper Tree) – they plant trees bought with the money from selling the paper — and I donate old clothing to the needy. It feels good.

But I would like to do more. A quick google and I learned that there are nice ways to recycle bottles. Some smart people have given this issue a serious thought and came up with this solution: reduce the volume of the glass using a cool machine to do all the hard part. All you have to do is remember to recycle.

Here are some versions of the same idea:
1. Bottler Cycler – Recycling and Waste Management for Bottles
2. Smash and Grab – “Little Smasher”
3. Reverse Vending Corporation – reverse vending machines which utilize advanced technology to identify, sort, collect , process and recycle used beverage containers including cans, glass bottles, PET (plastic) bottles and vending cups.

To have some success with these ideas in Romania, they have to be private initiatives; like initiatives from private companies: malls, super/hypermarkets & co.
Dear Manager from a Big Company, please invest in a bottle recycling machine in front of your big hypermarket – your customers will thank you on their way to spend their money on your business.

I would love to go shopping and leave a bag of bottles at the smashing machine in front of the store. Maybe even get a receipt that says “Thank you Mihaela for recycling with us today. You’ve just recycled x kilograms of glass. You balance so far is y kilograms of recycled glass. You’re on 10th place in your community. ” Only 10th? I have to pay mom a visit and talk to her about her bottles. How many of my friends are not recycling? Hmmm….

Do you get my point? There is a HUGE opportunity on the Romanian recycling business. We need smart and stimulating ideas; business people with guts; green education for the masses.

And at the end of the year, we want to know where our recycling goes: how much energy was saved? Which companies used the recycled materials? Make people’s lives easier and greener and they sleep better at knight.

So….how do you recycle your bottles? (use the form below to leave your opinions)


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