If you can drive it here, you’ll drive it anywhere

driving in Romania Driving on the roads of Romania is an extreme sport. You have to have a strong heart and a huge attention span for it. One thing is certain: being so close to accidents on a daily basis, it makes you appreciate life more when you get home safely at the end of the day.

My country has only 2 (two) speedways: Bucharest-Pitesti and Bucharest-Constanta. The rest of the roads are at God’s mercy: big pits, garbage, blocked lanes. Carriages, cows, sheep or drunken bikers are part of the scenery too. Not to mention the attitude of the other traffic participants: rude, inexperienced, always in a hurry.
I mean, who wouldn’t want an off-road driving experience on the way to work and back?
The government’s efforts to repair the road are too small comparing to the problems. At this point, trying to resolve to roads problem is not enough anymore.

A foreigner driver in Romania will find driving on these roads very challenging. An optimistic attitude and patience are a must because the problems and surprises are all over the road. Only your attitude will make the difference between a good and a bad driver day.
Driving on Romania’s roads is a luck-test in itself: you find out how lucky you are being avoided by bad drivers. So start praying before you get in the car and thank your Guardian Angel when you arrive with no incidents at destination.

I love driving, especially when I’m in no rush. While waiting for the green light, it got me thinking — regarding the state of the roads, everything should be public information. On a dedicated web site you should find detailed information about which roads are in construction, who’s responsible for the repairs, time dead-lines and budget – after all, is the public money being spend.
Also, a radio station with traffic information and music for the road will be very useful for long distances.

Bottom line: driving in Romania is never boring and is a constant source of stories to tell around a camp fire. Driving successfully in Romania is good practice for driving anywhere in this world.

What are your opinions or experiences on driving in Romania? Got any funny stories about it? Share with us


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