Caring for your household plants and flowers

Caring for your household plants and flowers The spring is coming closer and closer and we need to let it enter in our homes too. The spring cleaning – which is a must — is a great opportunity to pay more attention to your plants and flowers.

It is the time for your plants’ rebirth, and the time spent with them this spring will be paid back by the beauty and health of your plants in summer.

For those who have no plants at home, it’s time to buy at least 2 or 3, from the easy to maintain types of plants. The plant market has a lot to offer and the effort is worth: the plants beautify the house, purify and keep the air humid and bring positive energy to those around them.

To ease the job of caring for your plants, I’ve created this document (in excel format) to keep record of them. You can save it on your pc, print it or give it to a friend who has a passion for house plants.

The information needed to write on the spreadsheet can be taken from websites, for accuracy; they refer to ordinary caring of house plants. In this way, you’ll get an overview of your plants that you’ll guide your caring for them.

In the second part of the document, you’ll find a spreadsheet for plant and flowers you wish to buy. You can fill it in every time you have an idea and print it when you go shopping.

Hoping that this information is useful for you, I want you feedback for improving these spreadsheets. Good luck on taking care of your plants and enjoy them as much as you can.

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