Bucharest needs all the good luck a Mascot brings

Bucharest Coat of ArmsFebruary 2008. It’s time for Bucharest , our capital city, to choose its mascot. It’s a little late for that, but not too late. So many basic things need attention in Bucharest, that choosing a mascot in 2008 it’s never too late.

A mascot is a person, animal, or object believed to bring good luck, especially one kept as the symbol of an organization such as a sports team.

The city hall did some serious brainstorming and came up with these ideas:

1. from the animal kingdom: the lion, the aquila, the ladybug and the white butterfly;
2. from the vegetal kingdom: the plane-tree, the acorn, the daisy, the snowdrop and the four-leaf clover;
3. architecture: the Palace of the Parliament, the Patriarchal Palace, the Romanian Athenaeum, the ,,George Enescu” Museum and the and CEC Palace.

Wikipedia says that the rose and the golden eagles are Romania’s national emblems. But we do not have a national personification.

Bucharest Plane-Tree MascotThe city hall’s web site will host a poll destined the find out the opinion of the people. My vote goes to the plane-tree: if this symbol will win, the city hall will have to plant a lot of these trees in Bucharest, so at least we will have more green around us.

Even the snowdrop is a good symbol: it represents a new beginning, a fresh start and the power to break through the freezing snow. And Bucharest needs a fresh start to clean up its reputation of a dirty, insecure, crowded and polluted European capital city.

Bucharest Snowdrop MascotStill, I agree with the opinion the professionals should decide the mascot of Bucharest, not the citizens. From my point of view, the people of Bucharest are too disappointed and angry on their mayor & co to make a wise decision.

So far, all the news regarding the Bucharest’s mascot is from news portals. I’m still looking for an official post or poll on the city hall’s website. I’ll keep you posted if I’ll find something interesting :) .

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